Privacy Policy

In easy language, some of our rules are made to protect you.

As you know, we do affiliate marketing, we have been affiliated with 2 companies Flipkart and and We only serve in India.
We never misuse your email id or your contact details, We do not share your personal information with anyone, and we do not sell it, we want to serve you only better with these information,

Reviews and Opinions Policy

We never get money transactions done on our platform, and we do not take money for any product, we only gives our review on technology related products so that you can take your decision, the review of the product is given by the experts.

No paid Promotion

We never do any paid promotions, we do technical research of their products and suggest them based on the customer’s experience.

Warranty Guarantee Policy

We are a research and marketing company, We never make any products, And we do not even check those products Before selling, we only give our best opinion to you by looking at its technical specifications and customer experiences, if there is any problem in future  then it is the responsible manufacturer of product.