TOP Facts about Nintendo Switch Pro

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Nintendo Switch Pro Will Keep the Price of the Current Model

Nintendo Switch can adapt to the situation, so you can play your favorite games even at the hectic pace of life. This is a new era in which you don’t have to change your lifestyle to play video games. Your console will adapt to your lifestyle.

The innovative Nintendo Switch Neon Red/Blue hybrid console is a revolution in the gaming world. Japanese developers Nintendo have been able to satisfy the desires of the most avid gamers by creating a console that functions equally as a stationary system and a portable system. Now you don’t need to change your rhythm of life to play video games. With flexible game modes, you can play the game levels wherever you want, at any time.

The docking station now has a network port for wired connection online, which is welcome. The developers also announced new speakers with improved sound quality. The amount of internal memory has doubled (from 32 to 64 GB), but there is no exact data on the new processor yet.

On each side of the Nintendo Switch is a Joy-Con controller that works in pairs. If you mount two Joy-Con in the Joy-Con holder, you have a traditional controller. Without a holder, they function as two separate full controllers. Termination of user and some system processes that consume a significant amount of RAM. In this case, the user can independently choose which of the processes should not be interrupted.

How Does Nintendo Switch Pro Work?

This function works as follows:

  1. A separate virtual desktop is created, programmatically isolated from the standard desktop.
  2. RAM is freed from programs, services, and data generated by them, temporarily located in RAM.
  3. Process flows are evenly distributed among all processor cores so that none of the cores is overloaded at some point, which will lead, albeit for a short time, to slow down the computer.

Another important point is that the Advanced System Optimizer program starts the optimization function only when the game starts, which the user specifies on his own. Upon completion of the game, it should be assumed that all previously stopped services/processes are started again.

The most interesting feature for us – increasing the performance of games – makes the following changes to the system:

  • Allocation of all available process power for processing games.
  • Disable any updates (system and programs) in the background while the game is running.
  • Shutting down Windows Explorer while the game is running.
  • Reconfiguring power settings for maximum computer performance.
  • Clearing RAM from data not related to running games.
  • Create an isolated virtual desktop for the game.

The most popular games here are paid. You can play the card game for free (no, it has absolutely nothing to do with classic cards). In the first three games, there are optional in-game purchases that make life easier/embellish for gamers. And, for example, it will not only need to be purchased but also paid monthly. But in this game, there are no in-game purchases that create advantages for some players over others, but still, they (purchases) are present, although they are purely visual in nature.