Start to Learn Python with These Online Courses

Python is a high-level general-purpose programming language focused on improving developer productivity and code readability. The Python core syntax is minimalistic, which is why Python is often recommended for beginners as the 1st programming language. Python is widely used by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Dropbox, and Intel. Take a look at the python review in the article below.

Start Your Own IT Path with Python

The course is designed for those who are just beginning their journey in the IT industry and have no idea about the basics of programming and in what specialty to develop. In two months you will learn how to set up a computer, how to write in Python, which is one of the simplest and most flexible programming languages, which are variables, data types, and more.

Course objectives:

  • Learn to write simple programs in Python.
  • Get acquainted with the basics of OOP.
  • Learn the basic algorithms.

Python is a fairly simple language to learn, but it can be used to solve very complex problems. The purpose of the Python developer course is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills base for practical application. The course is divided into two parts. The first is a detailed study of Python, its standard class libraries, and mandatory development tools. The second is the study of web programming using Python. You will learn to work with databases and the Django framework to create web applications.

During the course you will gain practical skills, doing homework and working with a coach, and developing a diploma project – you will gain invaluable practical experience and create the first project for the portfolio.

Why Python Is One of the Most Popular Python IT Courses?

On the one hand, it is a language that is great for learning programming. Newcomers of almost any age can deal with it. For example, our youngest student is 9 years old, and the oldest is over 70.

On the other hand, millions of people use Python in this work. Science, games, websites, artificial intelligence, and data analysis – this language can be found in any field that somehow intersects with computers. Needless to say, part of our training platform is also written on it.

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